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Catholic Answers Magazine - January/February 2019 Issue (e-Magazine)

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IT’S BACK TO BASICS in our inaugural 2019 issue: we present the A to Z of apologetics.

Our Faith is an embarrassment of riches, and it’s hard to limit oneself to only one topic per letter of the
alphabet. (Well, OK, maybe not for X or Z). So we didn’t.

You’ll find supplemental entries for many letters. Some of this will not be new to seasoned readers, but, editing the entries, we found it to be a great refresher course.

And we bet some of this will be new to you.

Do you know, for instance, exactly how indulgences developed? Or that “ultramontanism” used to be one thing and now it’s another?

At any rate, we hope this proves the perfect issue to roll up, take with you, and consume in many small bites—or to just binge and finish the whole thing in one sitting.

Above all, we pray that your faith will be strengthened as you read all about by the amazing deposit of grace that is our one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church.

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